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The Challenge

This is social networking at  height, at depth, at speed or at any latitude you choose.

The challenge is simple. Get a pot, pack some cake and crown your heroic adventures with a nice cup of tea.

So, get out your parachutes, skis and best china and start a brew. Take some photos, shoot some video and share it all here on Extreme Tea. Join up and see what others are doing, invite friends, start your own group, post your latest adventure and start connecting with other extreme tea adventurers. You can do it for fun, for charity or just to prove that it can be done.


Sign Up Now for an account on Extreme Tea and start sharing your thrills and spills.
Membership is free and open to anyone with a thirst for adventure.


Obviously don’t endanger yourself, the environment or others but apart from that:

You can’t just drink tea from a flask. that’s cheating and not at all extreme enough.

What’s more, you can now raise some money and have a laugh at the same time. Simply organise your own Extreme Tea event or challenge, tell your friends and start raising some money. All donations are made and collected online via our supported charities justgiving page. To find out more click here.

If in any doubt what this is all about then checkout our simple guide.


Taking Tea to New Heights