Fun(d) Raising

Why not spread the love?

It’s by no means compulsory but raising money for a good cause is easy. You can either support one of our chosen causes or create your own. In both cases all donations are collected on behalf of the charity by

Support one of our Causes:

We’ve already chosen a few charities to make supporting them easy. Here’s how you can get involved:

  1. When you join Extreme-tea you’ll be autonatically invited to join a Group for each of our supported charities.
  2. Check out the Charities Group page – join up and support the charity.
  3. Get event ideas from others or share your ideas in the group postings and forums.
  4. Join in or organise your own fundraising event. It can be as grand or as modest as you like.
  5. Publicise your fundraiser.
    • Tell everyone to support you and to donate via our Justgiving account for that charity.
    • Tell people about it by sending invites and posting in your activity stream.
  6. Remember to take some photos and once you’ve done your bit share it all with everyone back here.

Create Your Own Cause, Event or Group

If you want to raise money for  your own charity then you’re most welcome. Here’s how.

  1. Go to just Join Up and search for your own charity or event. Make a note of your justgiving page address.
  2. Once a member of Extreme Tea you can login and form your own group the your cause. Include some info  about your event or charity. upload a photo and most importantly include the Link to your own justgiving page.
  3. Next invite some friends to support you and keep everyone up to date in your activity stream.

Thats it !